About CGI Aviation Leather Experts

CGI Aviation Leather Experts specialize in restoring and repairing Leather, Carpets, Veneered Panels, Scratches on Glass, Faded or stained exterior Paint, worn out Instrumentation Panel and much more. Using proprietary and FAA certified products, CGI Aviation has brought a new dimension in Aircraft Maintenance to India. Specializing in repairs to worn, damaged and faded Leather surfaces, CGI Leather Experts will re-dying OR completely change the color of the interior – including Seats, Nubuck Panels, Ceiling Panels, window Surrounds and other panels to any designer color elected by clients.

Color Glo is an ISO 9012002 company that produces environmentally safe water-based products which have passed specific vertical burn testing requirements under FAR 25.853 (a) Appendix F part (a) (l) (ii) AMD-25-72 Federal Aviation Regulations and were shown not to add flammability to aircraft leather upholstery. Commercial and Private aircraft owners and manufacturers alike appreciate the Color Glo state of the art proven and tested products with the expertise and experience only an FAA certified repair station can offer. Aircraft interiors are expensive and is a very noticeable part of your aircraft, so whether you are preparing your aircraft for resale or just Fastidious about   presenting your aircraft in outstanding condition ,  CGI Aviation Leather Experts are undoubtedly your best option to caring for your expensive asset. Our proprietary Color Glo products are exclusive, fully tested, and backed by an International company. This insures the customer’s complete satisfaction now and into the future.

CGI Guarantees FAA Certificated System

It is not enough today to have products that are tested to not alter the existing burn certificates. As an aircraft owner, for true peace of mind, you should also confirm that the controls for the proper application of these products are also in place. This is best accomplished through a proven quality control system applied by certified technicians. The repair station should be familiar not only with the products to be applied–but just as important with the rules and requirements of the FAA for this type of application.

Many companies have tested their products to prove that they will not alter existing burn certificates but what they haven’t done is create an FAA repair station that controls who uses these products, how products are to be used, and how they will certify their work. This is called a quality control system. Using an FAA certificated system we ensure that products are used by trained technicians, these products are traced from point of origin to point of use, and a quality control system is used. Rest assured that existing burn certifications will not be voided when CGI maintains your interiors.

Aircraft owners invest millions  into their aircraft and part of that investment is in the interior. All interiors are issued a burn certificate when manufactured or modified. Doing any maintenance on this interior including, repairing damaged areas, or re-dying can very well void an existing burn certificate. An item that many aircraft brokers review very closely is any interior work that may have been performed over the life of an aircraft that is being purchased or sold. If burn certificates are not in place or void because of unauthorized service being performed this can devalue greatly an aircraft. Many times the only solution is to completely refurbish an interior to bring it again back into compliance.

CGI Aviation Leather Experts are associated with AIM who is both an FAA certificated #145 repair station and a franchise of Color Glo International. CGI uses an FAA approved and patented process specification from ColorGlo International. ColorGlo International is a global franchisor providing proprietary products and training for the interior restoration industry.

CGI identified the need in the aviation industry to provide certification and legal paperwork for the interior services they perform for this industry.

They pursued becoming one of the first FAA certificated #145 repair stations to offer interior refurbishment services and were granted their repair station license in 2004. This was a first for the industry. Since that time they have expanded from their home base in Wichita, Kansas to include other ColorGlo franchise operations under their repair station license in the United States

CGI Aviation Leather Experts has over 16 years in the aviation leather restoration industry. Every year CGI Aviation Leather Experts must go through extensive training to keep their FAA Certifications in good standing.
No. You keep your aircraft where it is at. All of our services are performed at your location.
Most leather restorations are 80% less expensive than re-ragging or replacing the interior.